Meditation Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that our habitual patterns in the brain make us do the same thing over and over again? you may actually notice that in many organizations, the same work or idea keeps recirculating and people stop having fresh ideas. A regular practice of meditation for busy professionals can mean focusing on important priorities and less stress while working. Less stress means your brain can refresh itself during sleep.

Top Five Reasons Why We Are Here

Have you wondered why you chose to be born? We are here for soul development or to learn important curriculum. This is a school of Earth. Your curriculum or life lessons are the experiences that your soul signs up for during a lifetime. We usually have 1-2 major experiences/lessons. The reason why you chose a…

Spirituality 101

In Eastern spiritual philosophies of buddhism and sufism, you don’t actually exist, you have an illusory self. You are actually god (the collective conscience)creating a story (according to sufism) and in buddhism, you arrive into insight about who you are from examining the mind.