Losing Love

There’s a part of us that wants to resolve certain questions. It is like math homework, except it is metaphysical homework. Unconsciously we want to know something about ourselves…for example it could be…’how strong am I?’…’will I be ok, if my parents abandon me, if my husband cheats on me, if my children leave me? am I loveable?’ matter collects in a pattern that shows where the energy is and creates an experience in the external world that then educates you about who you are.

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A Curriculum for Compassion

In a world where mind is so important, heart has to be even stronger! I would like to offer strong heart training to the world:) and design a curriculum of practical compassion for adults and children. How to, in essence navigate life and relationships in all our contexts, personal, social and professional in loving ways. What do you think should be part of such a curriculum?

Attachments, entities and spirits

Someone asked, ‘so, do you believe in all this superstitious stuff like attachments, spirits, entities etc?
I don’t believe in it. Let’s put it this way. Do you believe in a tree or do you see it? Our conscious mind is logical and operates in a 3d world. Our unconscious mind is a whole world in itself that operates beyond time and operates just behind our everyday awareness. It is a stream of consciousness, mythology and imagination. It is as ‘real’ as our conscious mind, except that its experience is our private experience.

How can I change my family’s values?

People give other people unnecessary suffering. They do this out of ignorance according the Buddha. If they knew more, they would not give suffering. Therefore, since the problem is ignorance, which is the human condition, the way out of the problem is compassion. When we practice compassion, it transforms our suffering. When we see the whole impact of our behaviour, through being mindful– we strive not to give suffering, thereby reducing our own quota of suffering. If we all do this, then the amount of suffering in the world collectively will diminish. It will end violence and hunger.

Healing With Meditation

Seeing someone bloom and trust in their inner strength is the greatest payoff from teaching meditation. It isn’t about changing them, they are perfect the way they are, instead it is about giving and receiving loving kindness and holding space for growth and development.