What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis has been part of human cultures and societies since time began. From yoga to meditation to prayers and rituals, human beings use hypnosis to create a sense of connection, belonging and higher purpose. This article is about using hypnosis for individual therapy or healing for the mind.

Suicidal Depression Is A Social Problem

People often talk about why people give up, and commit suicide or attempt it. Usually people think that the person must be mentally ill or ‘depressed’. Which is why depression is such a freaking taboo word. Just the word depression puts people into a different category of being a ‘wuss’ or ‘sissy’. A category that is not used for diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. In fact, in the cultural paradigm of industrial wealth, people with a physical illness are thought of as warriors—even empathized and pampered for having the disease. But, there is tremendous social prejudice against depression. Yet, it is depression that leads a person to end their life.

Discussion of Non Dual Transcendence

The heart sutra is meant to bring us into awareness of the gap between thoughts and to transcend mental polarity. We bring our presence or attention into the heart, and from this practice we can find nirvana and perfect enlightenment. Perfect Nirvana is a state of 0 anxiety, since the enlightened master transcends his or her attachment or sense of self and non-self (me and you). Our need to analyze, understand and make things ‘real’ around us, using a self reference creates suffering for all.

On Being Love

Life should be lived–like a gigantic celebration, where love is the light at the centre of the heart. We don’t know when we will go, so why waste time on ego?. Just say I love you as much as you can. Start with yourself. Say it to yourself in the mirror. Look at those wise beautiful eyes that show your soul, then slowly say ‘I love you’ 3 times.