Spirituality 101

In Eastern spiritual philosophies of buddhism and sufism, you don’t actually exist, you have an illusory self. You are actually god (the collective conscience)creating a story (according to sufism) and in buddhism, you arrive into insight about who you are from examining the mind.

Losing Love

There’s a part of us that wants to resolve certain questions. It is like math homework, except it is metaphysical homework. Unconsciously we want to know something about ourselves…for example it could be…’how strong am I?’…’will I be ok, if my parents abandon me, if my husband cheats on me, if my children leave me? am I loveable?’ matter collects in a pattern that shows where the energy is and creates an experience in the external world that then educates you about who you are.

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The Way of the Heart

n the stillness, the beloved visits. You have to be careful to be really still, so still, like a cat watching a canary, ready, alert and waiting. What if the beloved comes, yet you miss that moment, because of the busyness of your mind?. And instead of the sighting of the guru you barely smell the aroma, because just at the moment when the worlds unite, your attention wanders to what’s for dinner tonight, or you forget to breathe?