So, What’s The Point Of Meditation, Again?

Meditation means being able to develop the strength not to run away from yourself. We do confuse the happiness that comes from meditation, from the happiness that comes from life such as family, friends, jobs, events etc. Those are all great and wonderful joys. But the joy of meditation is witnessing who you really are, beyond all the names, beyond all the masks, beyond the boxes, beyond words. It heals the mind to detach from the self.

Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation

Many people want to know, ‘but, which style of meditation is right for me?’

Here’s the answer in a nutshell: The meditation that you do is better than the meditation practice that is ideally recommended by top coaches and CEOs.

We all differ in our ability to focus and clear the mind. Meditation is simply focusing and clearing the mind.
Vipassana is a style of meditation taught by the Buddha (the master of enlightenment as it were).

On Being Love

Life should be lived–like a gigantic celebration, where love is the light at the centre of the heart. We don’t know when we will go, so why waste time on ego?. Just say I love you as much as you can. Start with yourself. Say it to yourself in the mirror. Look at those wise beautiful eyes that show your soul, then slowly say ‘I love you’ 3 times.