What is Astrology and How Does It Work?

A friend wanted to know about my thoughts on Astrology—especially vedic astrology. Here is a series of Q & A about Astrology i.e., Vedic astrology—Indian. What is Vedic Astrology?   Astrology and especially vedic, is rooted in a non-dualistic view of life. It is therefore unscientific because scientific method is based on dualism. Dualism helps…

Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation

Many people want to know, ‘but, which style of meditation is right for me?’

Here’s the answer in a nutshell: The meditation that you do is better than the meditation practice that is ideally recommended by top coaches and CEOs.

We all differ in our ability to focus and clear the mind. Meditation is simply focusing and clearing the mind.
Vipassana is a style of meditation taught by the Buddha (the master of enlightenment as it were).

Love is Already Here

Romantic relationships help people grow in ways that they don’t immediately understand or comprehend at the time of falling in love. Love opens a doorway between two souls and now all of a sudden, the baggage that the other person has is somehow on your plate. And your baggage is now on their plate. However, our baggage is for us to deal with and not meant for the other person.

Meditate Because You Must Not Suffer

If emotion can be understood to be a type of fuel or energy for our lives, we can’t run on low quality fuel all the time. Emotions have energy—higher level emotions give a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. Poor quality feelings such as fear, greed, pleasure and self-esteem can’t replace love and peace. Love and peace lead to a profound sense of happiness, whereas chronic worry and fear lead to chronic dissatisfaction and may also cause health issues.